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Cool Team. Great VFX!

NBFX is a vfx studio focused on providing a broad range of services in VFX and full CG cinematics for VR application. We are able to respond to the needs of projects of different types, scales, and genres through our experienced technical departments: modeling, texture, rigging, animation, FX, lighting, compositing, video editing and VFX on set supervision. 

At NBFX we like to work in tandem with our clients to find the best solutions, create the desired results, all while making the process of adding VFX to a project as smooth as possible. Whether you are looking to create a car chase in a sizable movie, or looking to enhance a fire in a videoclip – we would be happy to hear about your project. 

Before After

While NBFX was born as a studio specialized in character development, an in-house R&D example is the development of the American Pitbull (with jiggly fat, wrinkly skin and strong, dense muscles – full case study on Ziva dynamics website), it has evolved to be proficient in all VFX needs a project might have – from environment creation/ enhancement to crowding and everything in between – while integrating all the newest technologies, such as Unreal integration.