Justicia Artificial

The Spanish government announces a referendum to approve an Artificial Intelligence system in the Administration of Justice, which promises to automate and depoliticize the judiciary, effectively replacing judges in all the country’s courts.

The referendum triggers a fierce electoral campaign in which the Government, in alliance with the technology company that created the system, faces off against the judiciary, which defends the human nature of justice.

Carmen Costa, a renowned judge, is invited to work on the project’s development, but the sudden disappearance of Alicia Kóvack, the system’s creator, leads to great mistrust in her. She comes to believe that she is uncovering just the tip of the iceberg of a conspiracy that aims to control an entire country through the judiciary.


  • Verónica Echegui
  • Alberto Ammann
  • Tamar Novas
  • Alba Galocha

Directed by:

  • Simón Casal

Release year:

  • TBA

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