Bloodless Revolution

Based on real events, “Bloodless Revolution” follows the lives, dreams, and anxieties of four young people in the final days of the dictatorial regime. As the military overthrew the government, the population was advised to stay at home. However, the desire for freedom led them, along with the crowd, to the streets.

With different backgrounds and motivations, April 25th, 1974, brought them a common destiny. The day that changed the course of the country also dictated the premature end of their lives.

This is the story of their lives, a story where we can all find ourselves in the memory of each one, confirming that there is a common root in different generations.


  • Helena Caldeira
  • Lucas Dutra
  • Diogo Fernandes
  • Manuel Nabais

Directed by:

  • Rui Pedro Sousa

Original Tittle:

  • Revolução sem Sangue

Release year:

  • 2024

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